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August 2018

Sex: The Natural Elixir for Aging


It’s time to rethink our cultural belief that old people aren't sexual. And if they are, it’s disgusting, embarrassing, and shameful. First of all, this belief is a throwback to earlier times when women didn't have the pill, and Viagra was only wishful thinking.

Sex: The Natural Elixir for Aging2018-12-04T12:26:21+00:00

14 Things I Absolutely Love About Aging


I’m in my 70s now and just can’t ignore the fact I’m getting older. Like most folks, I dreaded aging and thought growing old was the end of the line—game over, pack it up and go home. . . and wait patiently for the inevitable. But now that I’m here, I’m having the time of my life. Here's why.

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